National Anthem

Posted on January 28, 2016 at 8:05 AM

Heart racing, palms sweaty, butterflies fluttering in my belly, as the director motions for me to walk to center court. It was only soundcheck but as I looked up and saw all those empty seats that would soon be filled with hundreds of people and I heard my voice for the first time in the largest venue of my career, fear tried to tell me that I couldn't do it. That maybe I was in over my head. I made it through sound check without missing a note but the nerves had taken over my body and you could hear it. I immediately went to my quiet place to talk to God. He calmed my fears and assured me that I wouldn't be standing out there alone. He assured me that I was right where he intended me to be and that he would not let me fall. Fast forward to Game time and I'm speaking positive thoughts to myself telling myself that a moment such as this is what dreams are made of. Right before the director motions for me to walk center court and all eyes are on me, I felt a since of peace come over my body and in that instant I knew I had it in the bag!!!! Ironic how basketball is my favorite sport and I played it all during high school. To be blessed with the opportunity to be back on the court fulfilling my dream is nothing but a testament to God's grace, mercy, and perfect timing! In the 24 hours that have followed my national anthem performance, God has shown me exactly where I am headed. All I have to do now is trust, believe, and have faith in his plan to get me there! The Journey is real Soul Searchers but you must embrace the process! Forget the naysayers and keep moving forward! God's got you!

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